Daily Bulletin 2015

RSNA Services

Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015

RSNA Services

RSNA staff will demonstrate resources, provide information and answer questions about RSNA's full array of products and services. Anchored by the RSNA Plaza, RSNA Services on Level 3 of the Lakeside Center offers:

RSNA Global Connection

Unique networking opportunities to connect radiology professionals from around the world.

Career Connect

The place to go if you're looking for a job or advertising to fill one.

Journals, News & RadiologyInfo.org

Check out RSNA's print, online and mobile publications and the RSNA-American College of Radiology public information website.

Mobile Connect

Experts on hand to help you access RSNA Apps and Credit Eval on your mobile device.


Get answers about membership, journal subscriptions, dues payments and making the most of your benefits.

Radiology Cares®: The Art of Patient-centered Practice

RSNA's campaign to encourage and facilitate radiologists' meaningful engagement in the patient experience.

RSNA Store

Education products including educational course USBs and Radiology Select print editions. Explore RSNA mobile CME products and find RSNA-branded merchandise and apparel, with special items this year to mark the RSNA Centennial.

Research & Education (R&E) Foundation

Learn more about R&E activities, including current grant and award recipients as well as individual, private practice and corporate donors. Stop by to bid on the Virtual Auction.

The R&E Donor Lounge

Offers computers, a coat room and comfortable furniture for relaxation and refreshments for those who have received a donor ribbon as well as those who contribute at least $300 to the R&E Foundation onsite.

Virtual Meeting

Learn more about and register for the Virtual Meeting.

Question of the Day:

What is a safe dose for a radiation worker's lens?

Tip of the day:

Marking the floor of fluoroscopy exam rooms can help keep staff aware of radiation, especially for personnel like speech pathologists who may be less aware of radiation dose regions than radiology personnel.

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