Daily Bulletin 2015

Oration Dedicated to Brogdon

Wednesday, Dec. 02, 2015

Byron Gilliam Brogdon, M.D.

Byron Gilliam Brogdon, M.D.

The 2015 Annual Oration in Diagnostic Radiology is dedicated to the memory of Byron Gilliam Brogdon, M.D., an internationally recognized authority on forensic radiology.

Dr. Brogdon was a leader of academic radiology, serving as chairman of the departments of radiology at the University of New Mexico and the University of South Alabama. He was an enthusiastic advocate for collaboration between radiology and forensic sciences, and adeptly spanned both fields in his work.

During his distinguished career, Dr. Brogdon published 360 articles, wrote six books and 65 chapters. He was a past-president of the American College of Radiology (ACR), a distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, a member of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS), and an emeritus member of the RSNA. He was awarded gold medals of the ACR, the Association of University Radiologists, and the ARRS.

Dr. Brogdon earned his medical degree at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, where he also began a residency. He completed the residency at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C., in 1956. Following brief service in the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Brogdon began his medical career as an assistant professor of radiology at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Dr. Brogdon died March 28, 2014, at 85.

Question of the Day:

I am treating a patient for thyroid cancer with Iodine 131. He makes pasta for a living and wants to know when he can go back to work.

Tip of the day:

Tendons and ligaments may experience "magic angle artifacts" caused by very short T2 times when the tightly bound collagen is at ~55 degrees from the main magnetic field.

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