Daily Bulletin 2015

RSNA 2015 Centennial Showcase Highlights Innovation

Monday, Nov. 30, 2015

The Centennial Showcase exhibits were refreshed for RSNA 2015 to shift the focus toward the future of radiology. New exhibits highlight technological innovations, ground-breaking research and changes to the healthcare landscape that will define radiology—and healthcare delivery—for years to come.

3-D Printing

3-D Printing—The ability to print 3-D medical models holds the potential to transform the way radiologists visualize procedures and interact with professional colleagues and patients alike. Visit the exhibit to see 3-D printing in action and view human organ models created with the technology.

Riddell Sideline Response System

Riddell Sideline Response System—Sports-related concussions pose a real danger to youth, collegiate and professional athletes. Researchers have developed the Riddell Sideline Response System to provide medical and training staff real-time data about head impact incidents from the field. Players can be monitored through helmet-mounted accelerometers that transmit data to the sidelines.

Human Connectome Project

Human Connectome Project—The Human Connectome Project (HCP) aims to construct a map of the complete structural and functional neural connections of the brain. The goal of the HCP is to provide a comprehensive library of neural data along with the ability to graphically navigate that data, finding answers never before realized about the body's most complex organ — the brain.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality—Experience a virtual reality environment that allows physicians to visualize and practice procedures. The technology reduces cognitive load by creating a realistic 3-D rendering of the area of interest so doctors can better understand the patient's specific anatomy and manipulate objects within the image.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence—Machine learning offers the capability to harness "Big Data" and deliver personalized medicine faster and more precisely than ever before. Value-based radiology could be enhanced through the use of a "virtual resident," one possible innovation included in the exhibit.

Question of the Day:

We just purchased a new CT scanner from a different vendor and it's like trying to learn a new language to understand their parameters. How do I learn the new nomenclature?

Tip of the day:

Even if it is your personal lead apron, if it is stored on-site at the clinic, it must be checked annually as part of a quality assurance program.

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