RSNA 2015


Before the meeting: Contact

During the meeting:

Emergencies, Safety and Security: In the event of any situation or medical emergency, call 1-312-791-6060 or 6060 from any house phone. McCormick Place emergency personnel will respond immediately. Please do not dial 911.

Help Centers
Grand Concourse – Level 3: 1-312-791-6623
Lakeside Center Ballroom – Level 3: 1-312-949-3203

Professional Registration
Learning Center – Level 3, Hall D: 1-312-949-3293

Exhibitor Registration
North Building – Level 2: 1-312-808-2006

Lost & Found
North Building – Level 3, Hall B: 1-312-808-2004

Virtual Meeting Helpline

See your Pocket Guide for additional assistance.

After the meeting: Contact You will receive a response within 24-48 hours.