Daily Bulletin 2015

Centennial Showcase Returns for RSNA 2015

Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015

Virtual Wilhelm Roentgen

Virtual Wilhelm Röntgen

Centennial Showcase

Centennial Showcase

As RSNA celebrates 100 years at the forefront of radiology, the Centennial Showcase returns to the Society's annual meeting. The refreshed exhibit highlights advancements that will shape the next century of medical imaging. Visitors will experience the future of radiology through interactive displays of emerging innovations including 3-D printing, virtual holography, personalized medicine and more.

Some Centennial Showcase favorites introduced at RSNA 2014—the Society's 100th annual meeting—will return as well, including the virtual Wilhelm Röntgen. The Centennial Showcase, located in Lakeside Center, Hall D, is sponsored by McKesson.

Question of the Day:

What is a safe dose for a radiation worker's lens?

Tip of the day:

Marking the floor of fluoroscopy exam rooms can help keep staff aware of radiation, especially for personnel like speech pathologists who may be less aware of radiation dose regions than radiology personnel.

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