Daily Bulletin 2015

Celebrating 100 Years of Technologic Innovations

Monday, Nov. 30, 2015

McKesson, RSNA Looking Ahead with Technology Solutions for the Next 100

Ronald L. Arenson, M.D., RSNA president, has noted that the Society's annual meeting is approaching its second century with a new purpose and role to play in the practice of medicine.

It will be incumbent on radiology professionals, he said, to constantly work at improving the analysis of medical images in a way that is meaningful to patients.

"One of the key drivers is going to be whether or not we can demonstrate that we have value," Dr. Arenson said. "Instead of being paid for the number of procedures we perform, we're going to be paid for the outcomes. Whether we can make a difference, that's going to be the challenge."

This week, the RSNA Technical Exhibits are filled with examples of how radiology can meet that challenge in the future, particularly for those who visit the IHE/RSNA Image Share booth during the annual meeting. Image Share is a series of live interactive demonstrations in which health IT providers collaborate to maximize the impact of their technologies. It will highlight the seamless health information exchange in multi-care settings between different vendors using standards-based communication and document sharing.

Erkan Akyuz

Erkan Akyuz

Among those participating in the Image Share demonstrations will be McKesson, whose Conserus suite of solutions is among those destined to create a solid foundation as physicians move from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare.

"The flexible, vendor-neutral capabilities in Conserus, coupled with strong standards and data interoperability, will help our customers and the industry benefit from their best-of-breed IT strategy," said Erkan Akyuz, president of McKesson Technology Solutions' Imaging and Workflow Solutions. "With the shift from volume to value, our customers face higher demands for quality and the need to improve workflow."

McKesson's enterprise suite of solutions is based on standards, supports windows networking, storage and computing platforms, and has already been successfully deployed in healthcare organizations.

Among its components:

  • The Image Repository is a vendor-neutral archive that collects and manages all image data.
  • Its Clinical Data Sharing component provides the ability to securely discover, exchange access and view images across multiple archiving and communication systems.
  • The Imaging Fellow helps clinicians make better decisions faster by integrating, analyzing and filtering patient information from multiple sources and making it available at the point of care.
  • A Workflow Intelligence connects information across different systems environments in order to consolidate interpretation and quality tasks.
  • And the Enterprise Viewer enables access to departmental data securely across the enterprise.

"It's all about delivering the correct image at the right time," Akyuz said. "We need to move away from the days where every study is flagged as a stat, and invest in rules-based logic to prioritize and assign studies."

McKesson's Conserus suite of products is a firm component in the drive toward value-based healthcare in which infrastructure is shared, no time is lost because of system upgrades, and patient care is the primary priority.

Question of the Day:

We just purchased a new CT scanner from a different vendor and it's like trying to learn a new language to understand their parameters. How do I learn the new nomenclature?

Tip of the day:

Even if it is your personal lead apron, if it is stored on-site at the clinic, it must be checked annually as part of a quality assurance program.

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